Lets Make Delicious L.N.S POTATO OATS SOUP

Lets Make Delicious L.N.S POTATO OATS SOUP (VEGAN)

L.N.S POTATO OATS SOUP (VEGAN). Ahearty, creamy and dairy-free potato leek soup that will hit the spot during the cold winter. We eventually joined forces on Sweet Simple Vegan and decided to dedicate our time to this platform, but Conscious Chris still exists (if you want to check it out) and this is where that recipe is sourced from. This creamy potato soup made with carrots, celery, and almond milk is a smooth and comforting dinner option that happens to be vegan.. I always use this special recipe to serve L.N.S POTATO OATS SOUP (VEGAN) for my friends.



The sweet potatoes give the soup a creamy texture so you don't need to add any cream or milk! Welcome to a brand new year—a fresh One of the first steps to healthy living is to feed my body with nourishing food, and this carrot and sweet potato soup is exactly what I need to kick off the new year. Red Lentil Potato Soup is hearty and filling. You can easily cook L.N.S POTATO OATS SOUP (VEGAN) by following 9 ingredients and only 8 steps. Here is how you can easily do it.


1 Prepare of turmaric powder.
2 You need of cumine seeds.
3 You need of asforditha.
4 Take of black pepper powder.
5 Prepare of salt.
6 It’s of potatoes precutted (1/2)size..
7 You need of oats.
8 About of water.
9 Prepare of soya oil.

I like to use gold potatoes, but you can also make this soup with Russet, red, white, or even sweet potatoes. They all go well with the flavors and ingredients in this recipe. Thick, hearty and creamy Vegan Potato Soup. It's really simple to make and very budget friendly.

L.N.S POTATO OATS SOUP (VEGAN) cooking instructions

Step 1 This is very simple and tastey with very less spices. people who are wait watcher can enjoy this meal in afternoon. yummy and delicious recipe is in fornt of you form north India..
Step 2 Now lit your gas stove slowly put a boiling pan and heat it under medium flame ..
Step 3 Now add soya oil, n the boiling pan suit all the ingredients like cumine seeds, and asforditha.
Step 4 Now add washed precutted potatoes in the pan and stir fry it for 2 minutes. Then add turmeric Powder and black pepper powder and salt to taste or quantity mentioned..
Step 5 Stir fry it for 3-2 minutes constantly. So that all the ingredients mixes well with ease. Put the oats in it and again fry it for few minutes ..
Step 6 Pour the water in it and let it boil for 8-9 minutes boiling depends upon the size of potatoes you take and the hardness of water..
Step 7 Keep aside and transfer it to 2 serving bowls ..
Step 8 Now this is the soup in serving bowl serve iit with your toung out …..ha… ha ha …..

Simmer until the potatoes are starting to break down and the soup is thick and creamy. So simple, and such a lovely family dinner, plus it reheats perfectly so leftovers are great for enjoying throughout the. A simple but delicious vegan potato soup recipe that can be made in the Instant Pot or on the stovetop. In my quest for making delicious, creamy food to give Alan some variety and calories, this Easy Vegan Potato Soup was born! I hadn't originally planned on posting it, but it turned out so.